The Sculpt Pod System

Our Body sculpting system uses infrared heat and light to break down fatty deposits in the body.

Weight Loss
Full Body Sculpting
Cellulite Reduction
Varicose Vein Reduction
Fat Reduction

The far infrared stimulates your body’s natural responses for breaking down and releasing stored content in fat cells; much like different laser therapies. Our cellulite reduction cream is included in each of your Body Sculpting sessions. It has been formulated specially to work alongside our Pods. The active ingredients in the cream are engaged by the far infrared rays in the pod. 80% of our clients see their best results after 10 sessions.

Another fantastic quality about our Body Sculpting Pods is the ability to perform resistance band based exercise during your session. Because the infrared naturally creates a large amount of heat in within the pod, the added exercise helps increase your heart rate as a result your caloric burn. Doing a 12 minute exercise in the extreme environment of our pod is the equivalent of a 1 hour exercise at home.”