Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Kid’s Chiropractic Care

A baby’s brain develop at an astounding rate during the first years of life. In fact, the spine grows 50% in length in just the first year alone.

As babies transition to toddlers, there are frequent falls and bonks while learning to sit, crawl, stand and walk.

Older children’s bodies take a beating while running, jumping, climbing and rough housing that goes along with being a kid.

Combined with the physical activity of carrying backpacks around school, chores, and much more, a child’s body is put through a lot in their earlier years.

At All Kinds of Spines, we provide premier pediatric chiropractic care in the Fort Worth area for a variety of symptoms that newborns and children may suffer from.
Regular chiropractic visits during a child’s formative years will not just help with their spinal health and maturation, but with their overall health.
Our team takes a holistic, comprehensive approach towards providing outstanding chiropractic care for kids, and can treat the following symptoms in newborns and infants, among treatments for other conditions: 


Trouble Nursing

Chronic Ear Infections



Flat Skull

Birth Injuries

For older kids, Dr. Amanda Jenkins can treat the above, as well as:

Bed Wetting



Dr. Amanda Jenkins, our main chiropractor at All Kinds of Spines, provides same day appointments for kid’s chiropractic care. 

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