Chiropractic Massage
for Pain Relief

Massage therapy is a highly effective methods of dealing with re-occurring pain without the need for medication. You can enjoy soothing facials and professional massage for pain relief at All Kinds of Spines.

Our aim is to help you better manage pain issues and enhance your overall health and well-being. Chiropractic massages are an excellent method for improving musculoskeletal efficiency.

Massages are used as a PT modality and complements adjustments to the body over time. Our massage therapy has many beneficial effects on mind and body, including:

Increase of circulation
Increase of flexibility
Decreasing of muscle spasms
Increases of ROM of joints, tendons, muscles, leading to a reduction of overall recovery time.

Massage therapy can also help to improve poor posture. Since neck and back tension is often caused by improper posture, this can easily be fixed with specific massage therapy that loosens and relaxes joints.

When the joints have more freedom to move properly, your body will go back to its natural posture, leading to less pain and pressure point relief.

The massage service and facials offered by All Kinds of Spines will help you to better manage pain, feel better and look your very best.

Pain Relief Massage

Massages are a highly effective, totally natural way to help the body relax and better cope with pain and stress. All Kinds of Spines specializes in massage for pain relief.

If you have been in accident, have a medical condition or have a sporting injury, a professional massage can complement your chiropractic care and help you to manage pain and recover faster.

All Kinds of Spines offers patients a range of massage techniques to choose from.

Don’t put up with re-occurring pain!